Firmware swap on B0265N UC-512 board

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We have some B0265N boards that we’d like to repurpose to be B0331 and use with OV9782 camera modules. We also own B0331 boards already that work exactly as we want, we just need more and would like to avoid wasting the B0265N hardware.

As far as I can tell the hardware is identical and we just need to change the firmware, but I haven’t been able to successfully reprogram them so far.

The board details are:

  • B0265N firmware: UC-512 Rev.D1 with a UC-511 Rev.A module
  • B0331 firmware: UC-512 Rev.D1 with a UC-511 Rev.A module

I’ve tried the firmware readers provided at GitHub - edward-ardu/tools: Some small programs to help detect errors :

  • The works on our B0265N boards outputting “200-0-0”, but not on the B0331 boards
  • The works on our B0331 boards outputting “20254-254-254”, but not on the B0265N boards

I attempted to use the sku_b0331 firmware update script on both boards, and it successfully reflashes the firmware on our existing B0331 boards:

The same script however fails to register with the B0256N boards:

Is what we want to do possible? Any support would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi @MattTav
Long time no see.

I understand your situation but unfortunately, your idea can not come true. The HAT boards are different between B0265N and B0331.

See, it corroborates what I said above.

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Hi Dion,

Ah well it was worth a try, thankyou for clarifying!


Hi Dion,

We’ve identified the missing micro controller and passive components between the two boards - we are quite comfortable modifying the electronics in house and soldering the components.

If we did so would it be possible to get the compiled firmware to program the STM32?

If not we completely understand!

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Hi Matt,
We strongly do not suggest that you do so. It will ruin both two boards to some extent.

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Ah okay, we wont then haha.