Expect to get better software solution from MT9N001 + Arducam USB3.0 cam shield

Hello Arducam,

I have purchased MT9N001 with Arducam 3.0 camera shield.
It works properly, although I expected a better software solution.
Modifying parameters such as exposure or brightness by reading and writing the registry is very uncomfortable.
Also, there’s no clear listing of the all the available registry entries. Or is there any?
I’m wondering whether it is possible to write some Python coding with TkInter to import the USB input and apply registry changes dinamically and show it in a more complete GUI, as it can be done with PiCamera.
Or even modify the Python GUI in Github to add sliders which modify registers.

Thanks in advance.


The register manual of MT9N001 has been uploaded.

We think the idea of ​​using the Python GUI is very good, but we are busy with other things recently. When we are finished, we should start it.