Example programs don't recognize myCAM

I install my recently purchased ArdCAM mini2MP_OV2640 on an Arduino Uno. I selected the mini_2MP_OV2640 in both locations in memorysaver.h (and saved). Camera works with ArduCAM_Host_V2.
However, when I try to compile the examples ArduCAM_mini_Capture2SD or ArduCAM_mini_PIR_Trig_Capture2SD, I get many error messages. An example is: ArduCAM_Mini_Capture2SD.ino:44: undefined reference to ArduCAM::flush_fifo(). Source of all errors is myCAM, e.g., myCAM.flush_fifo();. It seems that these programs do not recognize my camera settings. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Now that the other examples are available, the IDE got the library, perhaps because the library definition has been modified, so I suggest you redownload the Arducam library and try again.

JYH Thanks for your suggestion. I deleted and reloaded the ArduCAM libraries and the examples I mentioned now successfully compile and upload.

Great to hear you have solved your problems.