ETA: Jetpack 6 driver

Hi Arducam,

Would you have an ETA on when you think the driver would be ready for Jetpack 6?

Would you also know if there is an ETA on the second camera port for the Jetson Orins?

We are really keen to test out the new Jetpack 6 features!

Thanks in advance for any help!


Jetpack 6.0DP is currently still an ea version, so it is not in the main development plan. Expected to be released in 1 month.

There is currently no effective solution to this problem.

My understanding of a developer preview release (Jetpack 6.0DP) is that one of its core purposes is for manufacturers to be able to test and update their drivers before the public release. Is Arducam not developing Jetpack 6.0 drivers until Jetpack 6.0 is out of developer preview? If so, how long after the Jetpack 6.0 release will we have to wait to upgrade?

My statement may have misunderstood you.

A beta version of the dp version is under development, but I can’t promise you an exact time at the moment.
But what is certain is that before exiting the test version, I will release a test package.

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I am also waiting for this.

Any updates this week?

Thanks for the hard work!