Error trying to extend my imx708 on pi5 using the CSI-to-HDMI adapter

Hello, I’m having issues with extending my camera (Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 NoIR imx708) using the CSI-to-HDMI Adapter on a raspberry pi 5. I’m using an 5m 8K HDMI cable Both in python using the libcamera + picamera2 libraries as well as through the libcamera-hello in the terminal I’m getting the same error.

[0:15:00.136581188] [5962] ERROR IPARPI cam_helper.cpp:225 Embedded data buffer parsing failed

Even though I’m getting this error, it still shows a video feed. I’ve already searched a bit and found some information regarding some pull up resistors and configuration possibilities, however none of them had the same setup. Does anyone have an idea where to look?

The HDMI cable is way too long. As far as I learned, the longer the cable is, the more unstable the data transmission is.
Does it make a difference to your use case if the libcamera/Picamera2 keeps popping up this error?
You can run the command below to close the error log.