Dual Camera 100/120 degree FOV

Hi all,

I’m looking for a couple of color cameras for a Jetson Nano Dev kit B01 (with 2 connectors). I don’t need them to be precisely in sync, just be able to receive two “streams”.

I would like them to have the better quality as possible in the [email protected] range if possible, but is not exactly mandatory as at the end, they are going to be converted into a Full HD stream, so might be ok to work at lower resolution than 4K as long as it is above Full [email protected] and the price difference is significant.

What I need is the less distortion as possible in the image considering that 100 to 120 degrees FOV. I have seen you do have very low distortion cameras, but they are in the 60 to 70 degrees range.

It would be for properly lighted conditions, and provably is desirable to have auto focus, so the image is crispy and doesn’t require manual configuration. The furthest object of interest within that FOV could be around 25 meters away. The closest, just 1m.

What camera / lenses combo do you suggest to try to stay as low as possible in the budget?

FS.- It would be possible the same is achieved using 4 of those Low Distortion cameras, as they would be combined to cover the 180 range I need in total with some over slapping, but for sure this is going to be quite more expensive.

Thank you


According to your requirement, there are two options:

  1. low cost: IMX219 which can get [email protected] with a 90 degrees low-distortion Horizontal FOV

  2. high cost: IMX477 which can get [email protected] with 80~130 degrees horizontal FOV lens

I don’t think you need auto focus, because the target is fairly far away from the camera.

Please contact us for more detail discussion on this topic.


Hi Lee,

The provided contact link doesn’t work, so I reply here.

Can you please send the link to both models?

After posting my question, I say the lenses M27280M07S has an horizontal FOV of 110 degrees with a 1/2,7" camera, but don’t know the camera to pair it with, as this for sure would be a perfect match due to minimum distorsion and 110 H FOV.

Please contact [email protected] for detail information.