DOL-HDR for IMX477 or other platforms

Is there any way to use the IMX477 in DOL-HDR mode either with a Raspberry Pi or other platform? I have a current need and would love to be able to evaluate this. If not, is there another camera or camera/platform alternative that I should be looking at?


Sorry, not yet.

We will release an imx708 camera in the future, and that camera supports this function.

Hi Edward. Thank you for the followup. Anything you can share on a timeline or opportunity to beta test this configuration would be greatly appreciated. If you could share any test video that would be useful. Thanks again.

Hi @sandiegoman ,

We don’t have a video, but I have some inside material.
You can refer to this.
I can only give you a general picture, the specific information is confidential.

This picture is the effect of different lenses. If you have specific needs, you can also propose them.

However, it needs to be added that he is QBC HDR.(I apologize for my previous unprofessionalism)
For introduce:

Thank you for the information. So it’s available now with Video HDR running on Libcamera?


it’s available

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