Does the OV9281 have an auto exposure mode?

And how would I enable it? I have a UC-599 board connected to a UC-628_Rev.B connected to a UC-425_Rev.C.



The ov9281 sensor is raw sensor without ISP. So it does not auto exposure mode. If you want to use auto exposure function using OV9281, you can use our MIPI_Camera lib, we have done the software auto exposure function for user.


Thank you for the response! I followed your advice and looked at the MIPI_Camera lib. I don’t believe the MIPI_Camera lib would work with the USB board UC-425. It would be nice if the software Auto Exposure code could be added to the library that is used for interfacing to the USB shields. But maybe the software auto exposure feature in the MIPI_Camera lib uses the ISP chip on the RPI. This would prevent you from implementing my nice solution.


Yes, you are right. The MIPI_Camera lib is used on raspberryPi platform. The awb will use the RPI’s ISP. We are developing our own isp for our usb raw camera.