Current state of TOF camera python docs and examples

Hello reader, this discussion is, as the title says, the current state of TOF camera python docs and examples from the point of view of a buyer looking for a way to change the camera range from 2m to 4m.

The main sources of knowledge about those cameras are the following:

  • docs(.)arducam(.)com/Raspberry-Pi-Camera/Tof-camera/TOF-Camera/
  • github(.)com/ArduCAM/Arducam_tof_camera
  • arducam(.)com/docs/tof-camera-getting-started/index.html
  • And of course this very website, forum(.)arducam(.)com

While it’s possible to find some Python examples, it is important to underline that examples are not a documentation. On top of that, funnily enough, the example on docs(.)arducam(.)com and on arducam(.)com/docs/tof-camera-getting-started/Example/python_example.html does not work, showing that the example has been created and tested on an old version of the library or worse, created but never tested.
This forum has not been useful due to poor user quality interactions and questions, but that’s a plague spread on the whole internet and this website is no exception.
Github has been the only source of working examples and thanks to that i’m running my TOF Camera with the default options shown there, making the hardware almost unusable. Code should not be shipped without surrounding docs.

What i suggest to do is remove the old examples, directly referring to the Github repo, making it impossible to read an old and deprecated example. But mainly i suggest to write a readable documentation, explaining methods, properties and what does what.

I hope you have a great rest of the day :slight_smile: