Creating my own camera switcher PCB

1.Which seller did you purchase the product(s) from?
2.The Model number of the product(s) you have purchased?

3.Which Platform are you using the product(s) on?
Raspberry Pi 3B
4.Which instruction are you following?

5.Has your product ever worked properly?
The cameras work fine
6.What problems are you experiencing?

I recently designed my own PCB for the first time (which was exciting), and to start out I figured I’d do something simple but still something I could put to good use. I ended up starting on a RasPi camera switcher. The idea behind it was to link up the pins of all 8 camera inputs and the camera output, then use relays to direct power to only 1 camera at a time. I figured if none of the other cameras got power it wouldn’t matter if they were connected to signal.

The schematics of the PCB can be found here:

I made the design and went ahead and ordered the PCB and components, which recently arrived. I soldered up the relays, the output, and 2 of the camera inputs. Needless to say, it didn’t work.
7.What attempts at troubleshooting have you already made?
Some things I’ve figured out so far:

  1. It works with a single camera plugged in

  2. The relays make a sound

  3. Giving power to the relay pauses the video feed same as unplugging… but the light on the camera stays on

  4. I went over the board with a multimeter

  5. I taped over certain pins of the 2nd camera connector to see what pins are causing the issue. I got success with this:

but even this it was buggy.
8.How would you like us to help you?

Any way possible, even if I have to approach this from a whole new angle


I’m in the shop today so I can work on it… Any help is really appreciated!


Sorry for the late reply, our forum is undergoing maintenance and upgrading.

You need to control the led_en signal. This signal is controlled by Raspberry Pi.

Also you can disable the LED_EN signal.
You can disable the automatic management of camera led in /boot/config.txt.

$ echo “disable_camera_led=1” | sudo tee -a /boot/config.txt
$ sudo reboot

Best Regards,

Kai from Arducam Support Team