Constant Frame Rate from ARDUCAMSTILL

I trying to pipe the STDOUT of ARDUCAMSTILL to FFMPEG. ARDUCAMSTILL is outputting a variable frame rate with the h264 encoder. Is it possible to get a standard frame rate? Is it possible to specify the frame rate?

I’m building a live streaming device and my Pi can’t encode in real-time, I need the camera to give me h264 encoded data.

Is there another way to get h264 encoded data at a constant frame rate from the camera other than ARDUCAMSTILL?


arducamstill will Call mmal h264 encoder to encode 264 bitstream, frame rate depends on Pi encoder capability. If you think the frame rate is not stable. I advise you use our imx323 uvc camera which support h264 output directly. and you can’t need to encode it using other encoder.