Config file for OV7251, 640x480, RAW10, 8bit, 100fps

Hi Forum,

Does somebody has a config file for the UC-425 RevC + UC-628 RevB +OV7251 to enable OV7251, RAW10, 8bit, 100fps? All files I saw had either 134, 183 or 210fps.

I made a diff of the config files and I saw that not only the camera register values but also the board parameters are different. Because neither is documented, could somebody from ArduCam provide such a config file which I could use in C++ on Windows 10?

Thanks in advance

Of even 30fps would be awesome

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you want low frame rate config, you can increase the following registers to reduce the frame rate.

Hi @Arducam jyh

Thank you very much for your reply and for the registers. i know now how to change the framerate.
I guess, 0x09 for both registers should do the trick in my case.

Thanks again

You are welcome, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.