Compatibility of AR1820HS module with Raspberry Pi Zero

Hello, I am starting a new project where I would like to use the Raspberry Pi Zero with a high-resolution camera, using CS lenses.
I would like to use the integrated CSI 22 pin FPC connector of the Pi Zero.

I have found the AR1820HS module which seems to have the performances I was looking for (

My questions:

  1. Is this module compatible with the Pi Zero?
  2. Does the system include any ISP functionalities for exposure, contrast etc. via the available Arducam library or everything shall be manually set? In one of the videos about the operations of Arducam MIPI cameras, the example script seemed to process all these operations automatically.

Also, I will need to change the standard M12 lens to a CS-Mount, as I will need a greater focal length.
3) Is the module available for purchase with CS-mount compatibility, or will I need a M12 to CS-Mount adapter, before attaching the CS lens?

Thank you very much.