Communication of Arducam OV5642(5MP) camera module with STM32F103

I purchased the Camera module OV5642(5MP) mini 5MP plus from…

I started with Arduino UNO R3. It connected successfully and capture some amazing picture from it just for a trial. That make it clear, The camera module is working properly.
But now i want to connect it to STM32F103 Blue pill board. I started by using this link : How to use Arducam Mini 2MP & 5MP SPI Camera with STM32 - Arducam

As they say i downloaded the github file and also the keil uvision software as per the above link. But it gives me compile error and i didnt understand how to solve it. Please find the attached screenshot of the error below.

I tried searching for some other tutorial but i didnt find anything on internet. I am stuck now. I am totally new in this forum.

Please help me to solve it or how can i connect the camera module with STM32F103 so that it can work properly… Is there any other way to communicate with STM32…

Can i use STM Cube IDE? If yes then where can i get the library or sample code to test it… Any link?