Close-Range Focusing Capabilities of CS-Mount Lenses for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

I am in the process of designing a specialized imaging system using the Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera. The core requirement of the system is to operate at a fixed close proximity of exactly 5 inches away from a 14-inch paper, which is the subject for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) analysis. The system will deploy three cameras to cover different sections of the paper, and the images will later be stitched to form a complete high-resolution image for OCR.

The lenses I am evaluating from your esteemed product range include:

6mm Focal Length CS-Mount Lens (SKU: LN029)
8mm Focal Length CS-Mount Lens (SKU: LN038)
12mm Focal Length CS-Mount Lens (SKU: LN040)
The success of my project hinges upon selecting the correct lenses that are capable of focusing sharply at the non-negotiable distance of 5 inches. In this regard, I have the following queries:

Are the above-mentioned lenses capable of achieving a precise focus at a 5-inch distance from the paper?
If the current selection is not optimal for such a close range, could you recommend any alternatives or modifications that would enable the cameras to focus effectively at 5 inches?
For each lens, what would be the estimated field of view at the critical 5-inch distance, considering the need to capture portions of the 14-inch paper width with enough overlap for subsequent image stitching?
Which lens, among these or any others you may suggest, would be most effective for capturing detailed and sharp images specifically tailored for OCR from the essential 5-inch distance?
The 5-inch distance is a pivotal aspect of my project, making it crucial to obtain lenses that perform exceptionally well at this specific range.

I am looking forward to your guidance and recommendations for my projects needs. Please do not hesitate to request any additional information you might require to provide your expert advice.


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