Capture single images with MT9J003/UC-425 on Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi
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Online & readme
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Streaming works, need single images
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I have successfully run the streaming demo code, but when I try to run ArduCam_Ext_Trigger_Demo I see the following error:


device num:1

index: 0 Serial:AU3S-2042-008

Found 1 devices.

Serial: AU3S-2042-0008

Usb board firmware version not support single mode



I found this post that looks like someone else was able to take single mode with a similar issue but I do not understand how this worked.


How can I take single images with this camera? Can you provide a config file for this?


Thank you,

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Code to take single images with MT9J003/UC-425

Hi @cb

UC-425 does not support single shot mode, if you want to take an image, you can use continuous mode and take a frame from it.