Cannot seem to get the MT9V034-C camera in Hardware Trigger mode to reach the 60FPS Limit?


So I have:

I’m experimenting with hardware-triggering so that I can capture images at different frame-rates. I have hooked up the trigger pins of the camera board (not USB-shield) as described in this github issue (here)

Image from the github issue, this is also how I have setup hardware triggering:

While I have been able to set a frame-rate of 5-20 FPS, I have not been able to hit the 60FPS that the camera should in theory be capable of. Was wondering if I have done something wrong?

The code and configuration used are in the ArduCAM_USB_SHIELD github repo. I have edited the config to flip the Chip Control register to 0x398 to be in “SnapShot” mode where it accepts an EXTERNAL TRIGGER signal from the Arduino.

I have tried reading the documentation but it does not explicitly state what hardware-triggering limits the camera has.

I should also note that I have tried experimenting with lowering the exposure value according to this doc (page 4, setting register 0x0B to 3) to 0.1ms so that it does not block the next frame capture.


If you want to speed up the frame rate, you can adjust the exposure row.

I also want to ask
Can you achieve 60 fps in streaming mode?