Can not capture image using external trigger singal

When I used UC-852 for trigger mode, Sometime Camera can’t capture image.

I am using the UC-852 camera in trigger mode, but there is a bug where sometimes it fails to capture an image when the trigger signal is sent. The API is using OpenCV, and when there is an error, the image is not retrieved when the ‘grab’ function is used. The camera attempts to capture at 50Hz, and the image size is 1280x800. Please provide a solution.

It looks like you are running a program which is written by yourself.
If we do not have the source code or the bug log or the error screenshot, how could we dedug and provide a solution?

Hi. Dion.
this problem is not my code error.

Sometimes, I can’t capture an image using cap_left_.grab() even though the trigger signal is enabled for the camera. I believe that occasionally the Arducam camera fails to capture an image using the trigger signal.
Please check this error using YOUR desktop.

The image above shows signals from the hardware sync board captured using a logic analyzer. When the time signal is received, the trigger is activated, and upon receiving the trigger signal, the camera should capture an image. However, there is no response in the grab function. I believe this issue is entirely related to hardware (camera) problems