Can hawkeye 64mp camera be used with a current version of Octoprint

Bought the camera direct from Arducam. Trying to add to Octoprint/Octopi. There seem to be conflicts. If I install all the Arducam drivers then OctoPi image “new camera stack” image camera-streamer fails. The Arducam drivers seem to be dated 07242023, which is 4 days later than the integrated camera-streamer 07202023. I can take a 8000x6000 pixel picture using libcamera-still, but I cannot use Octoprint and view the camera data. All I get is a black screen, and camera-streamer cannot find the camera.

The instructions from Arducam instruct people to install a two year old kernel image with an old version of Octoprint. Is this old image maintained? Can it be updated by the user via apt, to bring it up to date without breaking the functionality? Or will an apt update / apt upgrade result in a non-functional system? Have custom repositories been set up to keep the application functional?

My current kernel is 6.1.21-v71+ on Bullseye. Is this supported?

So far my experience with this 64mp camera is not very good, primarily due to software incompatibilities. I don’t know of a way to use it with Octoprint v1.9.3, nor OctoPi v1.0.0. Is this camera supported? Or is it an orphan product?

I bought the camera to use with Octoprint, but cannot get it to work with their software and your drivers. Is there a solution that allows up to date versions of software?