Camera switching while streaming

Hello, I am trying to stream two the cameras on an external monitor using libcamera-hello and trying to switch the cameras mid stream, I am using the arducam multiple camera board V2.2 to switch between two identical cameras. But the problem is when I try to switch to the second camera I receive and error that the camera is not connected. This is the error i recieve when switching to the other port.

[0:31:22.769223524] [1736] WARN V4L2 v4l2_videodevice.cpp:1967 /dev/video0[13:cap]: Dequeue timer of 1520000.00us has expired!
[0:31:22.769361780] [1736] ERROR RPI raspberrypi.cpp:1895 Unicam has timed out!
[0:31:22.769467962] [1736] ERROR RPI raspberrypi.cpp:1896 Please check that your camera sensor connector is attached securely.
[0:31:22.769531850] [1736] ERROR RPI raspberrypi.cpp:1897 Alternatively, try another cable and/or sensor.

I am switching to the right port and everything hardware has been checked because i can switch to them independently only when I stream is the problem. Thank you in advance.

Hi, @krixstapsG

You can check if the device is connected correctly. Can you provide me a diagram of the physical connection of the camera.

Here is a photo of the connections, two cameras connected to the A and C slots of the multi camera board and the A camera is the PTZ 5MP camera which have the I2C connection soldered to the right connections on the RPI4B.

Hi, @krixstapsG

arducam multiple camera board V2.2 must be connected to two cameras of the same type.

Is it not enough that the sensors are the same?

I managed to fix the problem by using picamera python module instead of libcamera-apps, picamera switches the two cameras perfectly