Camera Settings Manually

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Dear Arducam Forum,

I’m using Arducam Cameras(OV9281, OV2311 and MT9J001) on Raspberry Pi 4. And I would like to write a Python Code where I can set Camera settings manually. The Image I would like to save as a.RAW File or as a .npy Array file.

My question is are there any built-in functions(Python) where I can set ISO, Shutterspeed, Analog Gain, Digital Gain, White balance, White balance gain, brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation, and when there are more settings I would like to disable them or put them into middle Position.

I am looking for a Code example or for an example in the advanced Dokumentation.

Thank you for your help

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Dear Sir,

At present, we have a test demo here

But the control of some parameters has not been implemented in our SDK yet.