Best setup for Macro photos of rings

Using Raspberry Pi, I need advice configuring a camera to photograph rings. The detail must be very sharp to get all the areas of the ring. The application will need to take still photos with the details. The camera will be about 3 inches away (flexible) and the dept of field needs to get the entire ring which might be about 1 to 1.5 inches. External lights will be added. The camera will not be moved so once it is set up, not adjustments will be allowed.

I am confused with the different mounts so I am not sure what to look for. I would like to keep cost down, but clarity is more important at this time. I need to order this today to keep the project moving.

Once the camera/lens if validated, a second one (and probably 3rd) will be added and a multi-camera solution will be needed, but that can wait a little unless it has a direct bearing on the chosen camera setup. The extra cameras will be used in a sequence so parallel processing issues do not come into play.

A fast response will be very helpful.


This is the sample we use our 12.3mp sensor get. You can first evaluate whether it can meet your requirements.