Beginning to think 64mp camera may be faulty

I bought the 64mp Arducam for my Raspberry pi 4
The pi is running a fresh install or Bullseye.
I followed the Arducam pdf for the camera and entered the following

wget -O
chmod +x
./ -p libcamera_dev
./ -p libcamera_apps
/ -p 64mp_pi_hawk_eye_kernel_driver

Opened /boot/config.txt, under [pi4],
added the following line:

entered into a terminal
libcamera-still -t 0 --viewfinder-width 2312 --viewfinder-height 1736

All I see is no cameras found
Can anyone help me ?

May you run the command dmesg | grep 64mp?
And post the screenshot of the terminal.

Thanks but I have returned the camera as faulty