Battery Problems


I am trying to connect a lipo 3.7 v 500 mah battery to esp32 arducam, I wanted to know if lipo batteries typically come charged when ordered and if not can the arducam operate on the lipo with low battery?

I have ordered 2 batteries and neither seem to be able to power the board alone,

am i missing something?


Thank you !


In order to save power consumption, the power indicator is off when using battery power. The factory test program requires an SD card to be inserted: the SD card is inserted, the USB port is powered, and the ON light is on when the battery is not inserted. At this time, an arducam_esp32s_camera hot spot will appear;
Insert the SD card and power the USB port. When the battery is inserted, the ON light is on, and the CHG light is on to charge the battery again. When the DONE light is on, the battery is full. At this time, an arducam_esp32s_camera hot spot will appear;
Insert the SD card, the USB port is not powered, and the battery is inserted. At this time, the ON light will not turn on. () In order to consider the minimum power consumption, the ON light will not be turned on. If you want the indicator, you can control the L indicator through the code later). At this time, There will be an arducam_esp32s_camera hot spot

Note that the battery connector is backwards in the Arducam IOTAI. If you plug a normal LiPo battery in you will see the red wire goes to - and the black wire goes to +. You need to cut off the LiPo battery connector and solder on the cable supplied with the Arducam board.

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Valdhor is right.

Where can I find the code at to control these LED’s for charging, Power on etc. I have used the builtin_led but that doesnt control those leds, only the other led on board not used.