B0483 Owlsight Lower resolution full sensor modes

Hi there,

I want to know if there is documentation for what resolutions are compatible with the full sensor region lower than 64 MP?

I have done 1 test. at 4 MP: 2312 x 1736 this still uses the full sensor FOV/HFOV/VFOV. What are the other supported resolutions that allow full sensor at lower resolution? Is there a list?


To be honest, I can not figure out your question. But I try to guess what you want is the output of the command below:

libcamera-still --list

Hi Dion,

I got an answer via email support for this question:

You want to know which resolutions have the same viewing angle as full resolution.
Answer: 4624×3472 (2x2 binning) 2312x1736 (4x4 binning)

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