B0292 Possible to capture YUV [email protected] like B0431?

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We want to capture high resolution images at maximum quality. We do not care about FPS or speed, so the camera can be slow if we get high quality. We would be willing to use modified firmware.

Question: Is it possible to get the raw image from the iMX219?

Question: Is it possible to get full YUV 3264x2448 image from this device?

Question: Is it possible to set the JPG quality to higher than 64, e.g. 96%? v4l2-ctl says getting/setting JPG compression controls are not supported.

Question: Can the B0292 use the UVC cropping feature to return a small section of the image at high YUV quality? That way we can select smaller regions and get high quality.

Currently on the B0292, using v4l2-ctl to capture a raw frame from MJPG [email protected] and running identify -verbose output.jpg shows the JPG quality appears to be fixed always at 64.

  Format: JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format)
  Geometry: 3264x2448+0+0
  Compression: JPEG
  Quality: 64


A: It is impossible for this camera to get the raw image. The standard uvc protocol does not support raw format

A: We do not support this way due to the limit of USB 2.0’s bandwidth.

Regarding these two problems, you can contact [email protected] for customization.