B0283 Arducam Upgraded Camera Pan Tilt Platform

Q: If I touch the camera platform one of the servos starts vibrating, touching again it vibrates a bit less or it stops. No software is running.
A: try to set up the value of the rotation angle from 0-180°to 10°-170°? Because 0-180° is its critical value, which may be unstable.
Q: The issue also happens when no software is running to manage the servos.
Remember this video IMG 7908 - YouTube I only touched the structure with my finger.
I replaced that circle by a camera with its lens as you can see in the last attached video.

I am using this script to control the position of the servos

import time
import sys
from time import sleep
from adafruit_servokit import ServoKit
kit = ServoKit(channels=16)

if len(sys.argv)==1:
servo_H = 25
servo_V = 90
elif len(sys.argv)==2:
servo_H = int(sys.argv[1])
servo_V = 90
servo_H = int(sys.argv[1])
servo_V = int(sys.argv[2])

kit.servo[0].angle = servo_H
kit.servo[1].angle = servo_V

Do you mean adding
kit.servo[0].actuation_range = 160
kit.servo[1].actuation_range = 160
to limit the angle range?

As we can see, you have three modes in this script. Let’s say the script is named test.py

  • mode 1: python3 test.py
    In this mode, the servo is fixed by H=25° & V=90°

  • mode2: python3 test.py x
    In this mode, the horizontal angle is dependent on the value x and the vertical angle is fixed at 90°
    The range of x should be 10°~170°.

  • mode3: python3 test.py x y
    In this mode, the horizontal angle is dependent on the value x and the vertical angle is dependent on the value y. The range of x and y should be 10°~170°

Hi Dion,
That’s correct.
When I change the position of the camera with that script it works okay but sometimes the kit starts shaking as you can see here. Sometimes it stops by itself, sometimes doesn’t.

Moreover I found another issue that make this kit almost unusable for my works.
I left the camera fixed and powered for three days running a timelapse from crontab: it took a photo every 5 minutes during daytime. I found two times one of the servo (horizontal) moved CW around 2 degrees without any reason from my side. No other software is running but the default system’s.
As said this is useless for timelapses.

My colleague has replied to you and we want to make a remote help for you.

Hi Dion,
I only see your last answer 4/4
Angles to set are near 25/90 the default pair I’ve set