B0273 Arducam imx477

Dear Arducam users and explorers,
I am currently using an imx477 image sensor on my current setup to take pictures of a big metal cylinder that rests horizontally. The housing of the image sensor is able to rotate 360 degrees, therefore I can rotate it and take photos without rotating the cylinder. The strange issue I am currently dealing with is that the image sensor’s focal length changes as I rotate it’s housing around the cylinder. I have done this before once and the focal length did not change as I took photos 360. But I bought a new imx477 and housed it and now it is doing that.
At first I thought perhaps gravity was playing a part, but that would have to be some hefty gravitational pull to bring my focal length values from 300(top) to 600(bottom). And the range of the focal length is 1-1000.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you