AWB/Color problem for Stereo-hat(IMX219)


Recently I have purchased a few Stereo-hat with IMX219 for Jetson Nano. I tested all of them but not able to get better image than this meaning green-ish color is more prominent than other colors. Do you have any idea, drive update or any example code for fixing this?


Hell0, Due to without ISP, the image we get is raw image and it need post process.


Can you give us any information what this “post processing” include and how it is done on the Jetson Nano?
Can i do it with opencv?
What steps did i need to do a white balancing?

My Stereo-hat have the same green-ish color like the image from zoopark0. Is there any simple python-openncv-processing to get rid of this?

Thanks for your help.


If you want to get rid if this, you should use ISP to post process which include AE AWB. Arducam is developing our own ISP, which may take some time.



You can consult PI engineer here