ArduCams on Jetson Xavier

just a short question about your really cool products:
did you ever try to use one of the Jetson Nano ArduCams in connection with a Jetson Xavier from nvidia? Of course there is no direct CSI connector, so you have to use a carrier board…
Do you think it would work like for the Nano if I would just connect it the same way and use the same code?

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I would imagine it would work fine. I’ve been using raspberry pi cams along with the leopard imaging LI-JXAV-MIPI-ADPT-4CAM with no issues.

I wrote it up in another post but I was able to get the camera part of the arducam autofocus camera to work with this carrier board, but not the focus module - which I think might be a separate issue, because the focus module doesn’t work on Raspberry pi 3 b/b+ either.

You just want to be certain that the carrier board your getting is designed to work with the same camera sensor your using (for example the leopard board I’m using is made for the IMX219 sensor which is the sensor on the raspberry pi V2 cameras). I imagine the boards might have pretty specific hardware designed to route signals specific to a camera sensor.

Thank you for your reply.

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I am looking at the global shutter cameras: B0220, B0221 and B0223. Is it possible to remove the actual cameras from the board (there seems to be a cable) to put them in smaller spaces? I am also expecting a lot of movement between the camera and the board. Are there different more flexible cables I could use?

B0221 has an M12 mount, so I should be able to use different lenses, right? How about B0221, are there different lenses available as well?

Hi @DrH ,

Thanks for contacting Arducam about your concerns.
It will need some customization work here to separate the camera module and the camera board by using a longer cable when you would use the camera in a smaller space, we suggest if you could send us more about your requirements to our email box [email protected], we will check it for you there.

Regarding the M12 lens on the camera module, it is interchangeable as long as the lens optical format no less than the sensor size.
More options you could check our lens page here:

For the M12 lens on B0221 - 1/2.9’’ OV2311, the lens with a format more than 1/2.9’’ would be work.
Or you could tell us your FoV requirement, we will give you some suggestions.