Arducam ToF sensor giving inaccurate distance reads (almost 7 cm offset)

This is an Arducam ToF Camera, a depth sensing camera which I bought from Amazon and it gives wrong lectures comparing it to a reference ruler (not the most precise method, but it gives almost a 7 cm difference) and the reads are completely unusable below 10 cm (it supposedly gives precise readings below 2 cm, I can’t do that). I’ve been using it with the Raspberry Pi 4 on the camera connector programming on python 3.11 with all the SDKs up-to-date.

I’m using the examples seen on Arducam’s website, even on python and c++, the results are the same, as the offset is still of around 7 cm. I’ve tried to reinstall the SDK, use a different connector and to get the repository yet again, but no success. Has anybody worked with this camera? I find it quite troublesome, especially with python because there’s no documentation and most of my code is based on python (it’s a computer vision project). Any help, please?