Arducam ToF Camera Support - Raspberry Pi 5

Hey @Dion,
As stated, here multiple-tof-cameras-with-raspberry-pi in this post by now support is built for Raspberry Pi 5 built? I’m trying to integrate Arducam ToF with Pi 5?

any updates? @Dion

Trying to check with documentation listed in website, but not much helpful.

Hi @jetsonnano
Sorry for the late reply.
I have no idea why I could not reply on the forum on the forum.
Go back to your inquiry, for now, we have been making the compatibility(software part) for the next version of the Tof camera. It is necessary to modify the SDK when using multiple Tof cameras on Pi 5. Hence, we are going to add this function in the SDK when the new Tof camera is released. It may take about one month to finish. Thanks for your patience.

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