Arducam SDK (Linux) ; Building issues

Hi, I’m finding some issues to build Streaming_demo and External_trigger_demo on Linux Ubuntu 20.0:

1.- I can’t rebuild Arducam SDK libraries due to full source is not provided
2.- arducam_config_parser.h and arducam_config_parser lib are not included in Linux_x86 folder even though source code and make file refers to it.

I wonder Linux_86 platform is still supported in the last ArduCAM_USB_Camera_Shield release as I could build examples in previous one.

My working environment:

Arducam USB Camera Shield 2.0
Linux Ubuntu 20.0





Hi @manuelvh ,

  1. The source code of Arducam SDK libraries is not open source.

  2. Before building stream_demo, you need to install arducam_config_parser. The source code of arducam_config_parser is here. There are instructions in the README of ArduCAM_USB_Camera_Shield.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.