Arducam Multi-Camera Adapter on the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX

I am following this documentation to connect 4 RPI camera on the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX , with the Arducam Multi-Camera Adapter v2.2 . Here is how I wired it , i2cdetect is not showing anything and the is failing with Error: Write failed . I tried all different position on the GPIO , nothing work . What did I forget ?

Thanks !


Our engineer has something to ask for leave, We are sorry that we might reply to you next week.


Has this been resolved? I’m looking at trying a similar setup, a Jetson NX dev board with the synchronized stereo HAT. I love the nano but am going to need more power for the next project.


i am planing to buy camera module for our Jetson NX based product, is this issue resolved?


Hi @nm ,

Sorry for the late reply, the new version of the stereo hat can support Jetson Xavier NX, please refer to:

For Jetson Xavier NX it should be i2c 8 instead of i2c1