Arducam MT9F002 with USB3.0 Shield UC-425 Rev. C too dark and GREEN

Similar to my previous post, I have been attempting to set up my Arducam MT9J003 with my USB3.0 UC-425 Rev. C shield. The images that are coming out on the shield are too dark and the color is GREEN. So first I went through the tutorial on how to control the coarse integration time register setting to brighten the image. This was easy enough but the tutorial shows the default coarse integration time so I checked the config file and found the register being set

MT9J003 config file

So I went into the given GUI program to test which is being used and found that the value specified is not the value of the register

MT9J003 register value

I went back to the config file and it appears the register 0x3012 is the one setting the value at 0x0202? This seems odd.

MT9J003 config 2

However I still attempted to run the camera with default settings and this is the result

MT9J003 default settings

Like my issues with the MT9F002, the image is ridiculously dark. So, again, I increased coarse integration time to 2000 and 5000 respectively and the results are below

MT9J003 image 2000

MT9J003 5000

As you can see, the image DID brighten, but not to a point of usability and the colors are GREEN. The same issues resulted from raising the coarse integration time by this amount (several “Bad frame received” messages and the FPS plummeting to barely 1).

I don’t believe I am the only one having this problem and I have yet to see a response from Arducam. Are there any helpful souls who could provide some insight into this matter?


Here is what the correct image would be for reference


Have replied you here