ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_Plus_Multi_Capture2SD on 3.3 Volt Pro Mini - SPI Speed Slowdown

I have successfully used this sample app to capture to a 5 Volt Pro Mini. It works without error. I now wish to use a 3.3 Volt pro mini and I am having errors. The error seems to be in the read_fifo_burst function. Specifically, the FIFI length seems to come back/be read, but the while (length–) loop never goes into the sections to open or close a file. It just reads data until the function exits. Some errror messages are printed below.

SPI interface OK.
OV5642 detected.
SD Card detected.
start capture.
CAM Capture Done.
capture total_time used (in miliseconds):496
The fifo length is :68616

I am wondering if the 3.3 volt pro mini is having a tough time at the default spi speed? How can I slow the spi speed between the pro mini and the arducam?

I think the max spi speed is 8Mhz on the arducam, I’d like to try 2 or 4 Mhz.

Thanks, Jeff





Please tell me how many cameras you use and on what development board.

If you are using more than two 5mp_plus camera at the same time, it is recommended that you power the Adapter Board separately.

Slowing down the SPI speed is another way to try it, as shown in this link for Arduino setting SPI speed.

Thank you, I might have to try and slow the SPI. I am using only 1 camera with a clone of the 3.3 Volt Arduino Pro Mini (The Simple). My circuit is getting plenty of power. It is powered by an old 3.3 volt pc power sully, capable of many amps. No power is sourced from he pc/ftdi adapter.


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