ArduCAM Mini 5MP OV5642 Plus Issues with RAW/BMP Images on Arduino Mega board

I’ve been trying to take images with the Arducam camera in either BMP or RAW format, however I’m running into issues. The camera seems to be able to take images in JPEG format fine, but it doesn’t seem to do the same when I take RAW or BMP images. Whenever I take an image using RAW image format, it never saves anywhere, nor is it displayed. With BMP, I find that my images come out corrupted each time, and I can only save them in the lowest resolution format (320x240). I’m currently using the arducam mini OV5642 plus functions demo that came included with the library. The camera itself is hooked up to an Arduino Mega board. I’m not sure if I’m simply using the code wrong, or if there’s something else happening. Any help would be much appreciated!