ArduCam-Mini-2MP for the Maple Mini

Hi guys, does anyone here know how to setup ArduCam to be used on a maple mini board? I’m unsure if I’m using the correct pins and if there is a little bit of code under the hood that needs changing.




We have not tested it on maple mini yet. Therefore, you need to modify the library to use it when the I2C and SPI pins are correctly connected.

Thanks for the fast reply. I’ve been going through the library, and have found this section of code which has been modified for different processors. How would I find the correct definitions for STM32F1?

#if defined (AVR)
#define cbi(reg, bitmask) *reg &= ~bitmask
#define sbi(reg, bitmask) *reg |= bitmask
#define pulse_high(reg, bitmask) sbi(reg, bitmask); cbi(reg, bitmask);
#define pulse_low(reg, bitmask) cbi(reg, bitmask); sbi(reg, bitmask);
#define cport(port, data) port &= data
#define sport(port, data) port |= data
#define swap(type, i, j) {type t = i; i = j; j = t;}
#define fontbyte(x) pgm_read_byte(&cfont.font[x])
#define regtype volatile uint8_t
#define regsize uint8_t


The code above is a macro definition made according to different platforms. What you need to do is to find similar definitions in the library of the board you are using, and ensure that the communication protocol functions after the macro definition are consistent, so that you can use the functions in the arducam library.