Arducam IOTAI Battery Connector

I just received my IOTAI board and noticed the battery connector is the wrong way around. Batteries have keyed JST connectors with the + and - the other way around.

I had wondered why a JST cable was included in the package. I now have to cut off the battery connector and solder on the provided connector. I also have to dedicate this battery to this board.

Is this something that is being looked at for subsequent iterations of the board?


I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We did not consider the compatibility of the battery connector in the design, and we will consider the compatibility of a variety of connectors in the future.

A “Heads Up” in the documentation that came with the board would have been nice.

Can attaching a standard battery (With the polarity reversed) cause any damage to the board?


Sorry for my late reply.

The polarity of the battery cannot be reversed, otherwise it will easily burn the board.

Let me know if you need more help.