ArduCam imx519 and zbarcam Pi Zero 2W Raspbian OS


I got the camera

I am using Raspberry Pi Zero 2W
PRETTY_NAME=“Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)”
NAME=“Raspbian GNU/Linux”
VERSION=“11 (bullseye)”

Instruction: you have followed. (link/manual/etc.)
The /dev/viodeo0 appears in the OS. The libcamera-hello works.

The zbarcam complains about this camera:
$ zbarcam --verbose=32
_zbar_video_open: opened camera device /dev/video0 (fd=5)
_zbar_v4l2_probe: unicam on platform:3f801000.csi driver unicam (version 6.1.21)
_zbar_v4l2_probe: capabilities: CAPTURE READWRITE STREAMING
ERROR: zbar video in v4l2_reset_crop():
system error: querying crop support (VIDIOC_CROPCAP): Inappropriate ioctl for device (25)
v4l2_probe_formats: enumerating supported formats:
v4l2_probe_formats: [0] YUYV : YUYV 4:2:2
v4l2_probe_formats: [1] UYVY : UYVY 4:2:2
v4l2_probe_formats: [2] YVYU : YVYU 4:2:2
v4l2_probe_formats: [3] VYUY : VYUY 4:2:2
v4l2_probe_formats: [4] RGBP : 16-bit RGB 5-6-5
v4l2_probe_formats: [5] RGBR : 16-bit RGB 5-6-5 BE
v4l2_probe_formats: [6] RGBO : 16-bit A/XRGB 1-5-5-5
v4l2_probe_formats: [7] RGBQ : 16-bit A/XRGB 1-5-5-5 BE
v4l2_probe_formats: [8] RGB3 : 24-bit RGB 8-8-8
v4l2_probe_formats: [9] BGR3 : 24-bit BGR 8-8-8
v4l2_probe_formats: [10] RGB4 : 32-bit A/XRGB 8-8-8-8
v4l2_probe_formats: [11] BA81 : 8-bit Bayer BGBG/GRGR
v4l2_probe_formats: [12] GBRG : 8-bit Bayer GBGB/RGRG
v4l2_probe_formats: [13] GRBG : 8-bit Bayer GRGR/BGBG
v4l2_probe_formats: [14] RGGB : 8-bit Bayer RGRG/GBGB
v4l2_probe_formats: [15] pBAA : 10-bit Bayer BGBG/GRGR Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [16] BG10 : 10-bit Bayer BGBG/GRGR
v4l2_probe_formats: [17] pGAA : 10-bit Bayer GBGB/RGRG Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [18] GB10 : 10-bit Bayer GBGB/RGRG
v4l2_probe_formats: [19] pgAA : 10-bit Bayer GRGR/BGBG Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [20] BA10 : 10-bit Bayer GRGR/BGBG
v4l2_probe_formats: [21] pRAA : 10-bit Bayer RGRG/GBGB Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [22] RG10 : 10-bit Bayer RGRG/GBGB
v4l2_probe_formats: [23] pBCC : 12-bit Bayer BGBG/GRGR Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [24] BG12 : 12-bit Bayer BGBG/GRGR
v4l2_probe_formats: [25] pGCC : 12-bit Bayer GBGB/RGRG Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [26] GB12 : 12-bit Bayer GBGB/RGRG
v4l2_probe_formats: [27] pgCC : 12-bit Bayer GRGR/BGBG Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [28] BA12 : 12-bit Bayer GRGR/BGBG
v4l2_probe_formats: [29] pRCC : 12-bit Bayer RGRG/GBGB Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [30] RG12 : 12-bit Bayer RGRG/GBGB
v4l2_probe_formats: [31] pBEE : 14-bit Bayer BGBG/GRGR Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [32] BG14 : 14-bit Bayer BGBG/GRGR
v4l2_probe_formats: [33] pGEE : 14-bit Bayer GBGB/RGRG Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [34] GB14 : 14-bit Bayer GBGB/RGRG
v4l2_probe_formats: [35] pgEE : 14-bit Bayer GRGR/BGBG Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [36] GR14 : 14-bit Bayer GRGR/BGBG
v4l2_probe_formats: [37] pREE : 14-bit Bayer RGRG/GBGB Packed
v4l2_probe_formats: [38] RG14 : 14-bit Bayer RGRG/GBGB
v4l2_probe_formats: [39] GREY : 8-bit Greyscale
v4l2_probe_formats: [40] Y10P : 10-bit Greyscale (MIPI Packed)
v4l2_probe_formats: [41] Y10 : 10-bit Greyscale
v4l2_probe_formats: [42] Y12P : 12-bit Greyscale (MIPI Packed)
v4l2_probe_formats: [43] Y12 : 12-bit Greyscale
v4l2_probe_formats: [44] Y14P : 14-bit Greyscale (MIPI Packed)
v4l2_probe_formats: [45] Y14 : 14-bit Greyscale
v4l2_probe_formats: [46] YU12 : YU12 EMULATED
v4l2_probe_formats: [47] YV12 : YV12 EMULATED
v4l2_probe_formats: Max supported size: 16376 x 16376
v4l2_probe_formats: Found 46 formats and 2 emulated formats.
v4l2_probe_formats: current format: GREY(59455247) 16376 x 16376 (line=0x4000 size=0xffe0000)
v4l2_get_supported_resolutions: 16376x16376 (-1.00 fps)
v4l2_get_supported_resolutions: 12286x12286 (-1.00 fps)
v4l2_get_supported_resolutions: 8196x8196 (-1.00 fps)
v4l2_get_supported_resolutions: 4106x4106 (-1.00 fps)
v4l2_get_supported_resolutions: 16x16 (-1.00 fps)
WARNING: zbar video in v4l2_probe_iomode():
system error: USERPTR failed. Falling back to mmap: Invalid argument (22)
_zbar_v4l2_probe: using I/O mode: MMAP
add_poll: [1] fd=6 handler=0x76f33d50
_zbar_window_attach: falling back to XImage
_zbar_window_probe_ximage: [0] depth=1 bpp=1: not supported
_zbar_window_probe_ximage: [1] depth=4 bpp=8: not supported
ximage_probe_format: bits=8 r=000000e0 g=0000001c b=00000003: n=0 visuals=(nil)
ximage_probe_format: bits=8 r=00000007 g=00000038 b=000000c0: n=0 visuals=(nil)
_zbar_window_probe_ximage: [2] depth=8 bpp=8: no visuals
_zbar_window_probe_ximage: [3] depth=15 bpp=16: not supported
ximage_probe_format: bits=16 r=0000f800 g=000007e0 b=0000001f: n=0 visuals=(nil)
ximage_probe_format: bits=16 r=00007c00 g=000003e0 b=0000001f: n=0 visuals=(nil)
ximage_probe_format: bits=16 r=000000f8 g=0007e000 b=00001f00: n=0 visuals=(nil)
ximage_probe_format: bits=16 r=0000007c g=0003e000 b=00001f00: n=0 visuals=(nil)
_zbar_window_probe_ximage: [4] depth=16 bpp=16: no visuals
ximage_probe_format: bits=24 r=000000ff g=0000ff00 b=00ff0000: n=0 visuals=(nil)
ximage_probe_format: bits=24 r=00ff0000 g=0000ff00 b=000000ff: n=360 visuals=0x7591c4d0
_zbar_window_probe_ximage: [5] depth=24 bpp=32: BGR3(33524742)
ximage_probe_format: bits=32 r=0000ff00 g=00ff0000 b=ff000000: n=0 visuals=(nil)
ximage_probe_format: bits=32 r=00ff0000 g=0000ff00 b=000000ff: n=30 visuals=0x7591abd8
_zbar_window_probe_ximage: [6] depth=32 bpp=32: BGR4(34524742)
proc_input_thread: spawned input thread
_zbar_best_format: from YUYV(56595559) to BGR3(33524742)=144 BGR4(34524742)=144
zbar_negotiate_format: YUYV(56595559) → BGR3(33524742) (144)
_zbar_best_format: from UYVY(59565955) to BGR3(33524742)=144 BGR4(34524742)=144
zbar_negotiate_format: UYVY(59565955) → BGR3(33524742) (144)
_zbar_best_format: from RGB3(33424752) to BGR3(33524742)=120 BGR4(34524742)=120
zbar_negotiate_format: RGB3(33424752) → BGR3(33524742) (120)
_zbar_best_format: shared format: BGR3
zbar_negotiate_format: BGR3(33524742) → BGR3(33524742) (0)
zbar_negotiate_format: setting best format BGR3(33524742) (0)
v4l2_set_format: set new format: BGR3(33524742) 16376 x 16376 (0x2ffa0000)
ERROR: zbar video in v4l2_init():
system error: requesting video frame buffers (VIDIOC_REQBUFS): Cannot allocate memory (12)
WARNING: no compatible input to output format
…trying again with output disabled
_zbar_best_format: from YUYV(56595559) to Y800(30303859)=24
zbar_negotiate_format: YUYV(56595559) → Y800(30303859) (24)
_zbar_best_format: from UYVY(59565955) to Y800(30303859)=24
zbar_negotiate_format: UYVY(59565955) → Y800(30303859) (24)
_zbar_best_format: from RGB3(33424752) to Y800(30303859)=112
zbar_negotiate_format: RGB3(33424752) → Y800(30303859) (112)
_zbar_best_format: from BGR3(33524742) to Y800(30303859)=112
zbar_negotiate_format: BGR3(33524742) → Y800(30303859) (112)
_zbar_best_format: from RGB4(34424752) to Y800(30303859)=112
zbar_negotiate_format: RGB4(34424752) → Y800(30303859) (112)
_zbar_best_format: from RGBP(50424752) to Y800(30303859)=112
zbar_negotiate_format: RGBP(50424752) → Y800(30303859) (112)
_zbar_best_format: from RGBO(4f424752) to Y800(30303859)=112
zbar_negotiate_format: RGBO(4f424752) → Y800(30303859) (112)
_zbar_best_format: from RGBR(52424752) to Y800(30303859)=112
zbar_negotiate_format: RGBR(52424752) → Y800(30303859) (112)
_zbar_best_format: from RGBQ(51424752) to Y800(30303859)=112
zbar_negotiate_format: RGBQ(51424752) → Y800(30303859) (112)
_zbar_best_format: from GREY(59455247) to Y800(30303859)=0
zbar_negotiate_format: GREY(59455247) → Y800(30303859) (0)
zbar_negotiate_format: setting best format GREY(59455247) (0)
v4l2_set_format: set new format: GREY(59455247) 16376 x 16376 (0xffe0000)
ERROR: zbar video in v4l2_init():
system error: requesting video frame buffers (VIDIOC_REQBUFS): Cannot allocate memory (12)
zbar_processor_init: ERROR: no compatible video input format
ERROR: zbar processor in zbar_processor_init():
unsupported request: no compatible image format
ERROR: zbar processor in zbar_processor_init():
unsupported request: no compatible image format
proc_kick_handler: kicking 2 fds

How to make the ArduCam imx519 work with the zbarcam (sudo apt install zbar-tools) on Raspberry Pi 2W with Raspbian?

Sorry, we do not use this tool and may not provide you with some helpful advice.

Why the camera is not listed in the cheese devices sudo apt -y install cheese