Arducam IMX519/16mp vs the Picamera v1/v2

I just finished my testing comparing the Arducam 16mp vs the Raspberry v1 and v2 camera. If you want to see the full test and download some sample images, check it out:

I have to say, the raw files (.dng) output is a significant improvement against the Raspberry v1/v2 cameras and that while the camera is cheaper as well :slight_smile:

Great job Arducam! Now ideally, work on a better “auto-focus” support in the driver :slight_smile:

You did an excellent test and wrote a detailed blog. Many thanks to you.
May I ask what auto-focus command you use…? In our auto-focus algorithm, the camera will focus on the center of the picture. And it will make an obvious zoom when the focus motor runs. :flushed:
If you use the continuous focus, maybe the focus process will be distinct.

Besides, you can correct it to IMX519 instead of IMG519.

I tested with the picam2.set_controls({“AfTrigger”: 0}) to have auto focus.

That the motor makes sounds, does not really help me. As I will have 120 units in a room. I need to be able to check using software if focus is done and to what lens position it has been set.

Thanks! Good catch :slight_smile: fixed it.

Updated the compare blog post include the new Picamera v3 / 12mp.