Arducam IMX219 on rpi5 bookworm

Hi all,

I installed IMX219 on the rpi5. But the libcamera-hello says “no camera available”.

  • Tried on camera 0 and camera 1, cable came with the camera
  • set “camera_auto_detect=0” and add “dtoverlay=imx219” on the /boot/config.txt
  • Power supply is not official but it provide 3A (when booting up)

Any help appreaciated.


Can you follow the steps below and put the generated bug-report into the google drive or other cloud storage and post the link here:

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Execute the following command to download the bug report tool:
wget -O arducam-camera-bug-report
  1. Set executable permissions for the tool:
chmod +x ./arducam-camera-bug-report
  1. Execute the tool to generate the bug report:
  1. This will output an “arducam-bug-report.txt” file in the current directory.

I managed to make it work with

#Automatically load overlays for detected cameras


That’s what I want you to do. Because Pi 5 has two csi interfance. If you enable the camera driver in the config file with “dtoverlay=imx219” and connect the camera to csi 0 port, Pi 5 will not detect this camera module.

I see. I tried with only “dtoverlay=imx219” and it works on csi 1 port. Guess will need to specifically specify the port.
Thank you for the respond.