Arducam IMX135 with RPi Zero problem

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to run IMX135 arducam on Raspberry pi ZeroW but camera is not discovered.

$ vcgencmd version
Feb 12 2020 12:39:27
Copyright (c) 2012 Broadcom
version 53a54c770c493957d99bf49762dfabc4eee00e45 (clean) (release) (start_x)
$ vcgencmd get_camera
supported=1 detected=0

My /boot/config.txt has line:

But at the end I got:

$ ./arducamstill -?
Open camera…
init camera status = 4100

I can’t find arducam_init_camera error status documentation.
I know that the module is working because is working on RPi3/4.
I know that the RPi connector is working because it work with another (not arducam) camera module
Is arducam has own recommended raspberry pi kernel version?

Thank for all suggestions.


Have you tried to reconnect the FPC cable? It seems the wring is not connected well.


Ok, I had no connection between raspberry and the module. I’ve connected like on the arducam image, using the FPC included in arducam box - however, there is a bug in the picture:

(image comes from:

Now, camera is working properly.


Very sorry for our error picture mislead you. Thanks for your pointing it out. We will change the hardware diagram as soon as possible.