Arducam Camera Autofocus

I just purchase three camera from arducam
imx519 16mp
imx219 8mp, SKU B0393
imx477 12mp, SKU B0272

My raspberry pi os is kernel 5.15.84.

I install imx519 driver, libcamera_dev and libcamera_apps from the installation script provided by arducam.

All camera can be opened, however only imx519 can adjust the focusing but not with imx219 and imx477. Got below error message. ‘Control AfMode is not advertised by libcamera’

Does I miss out something to setup? I do not see any setup steps for arducam imx219 and imx477 motorized lens camera.


You can refer to this page:

I found that there is no imx477 section on this page, I have arranged for relevant personnel to update it, and it will be updated within 1-2 days, please pay attention and verify imx219 first

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Thanks for you prompt response! I have tested the method for imx219, and its working good.

And I also saw the update of tutorial for imx477 in arducam website, tried it and found out the focusing speed is kinda slow, and the focusing step cannot focus object properly. is this normal?


Could you please send me a clear video to see the actual effect?

Here is the demo video.


How far is your distance. looks very close

Around 10cm. I record another one with around 30cm working distance.


Can the front lens of your imx477 be rotated?

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you means manually rotate? or should I manually rotate the lens? will doing this mess up the motorized lens?

ahhh. I understand the mechanism of the camera now. I can now focus object clearly by adjusting the lens. Thanks for the help.

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