Arducam 64MP low resolution crops the complete image

Hi Arducam team

I’m developing a GUI that displays the live video of the camera using tkinter and Picamera2. Because it takes about 0.77 seconds to store a full resolution 3D array to a variable in a python script, which significantly affect the frame rate of the live video Thus I’m setting the dimension of the main stream to 680x480 to increase the frame rate, but using the code below is essentially cropping a 680x480 section from the full resolution image. I’d like to know how to lowers its resolution so that I can have a fast framerate while conserving the full image.
arducam.create_still_configuraiton(main={“size”:(680, 480)})

Additionally, I discovered that arducam.autofocus_cycle() only works for low resolution. When I have my configuration as:
it takes forever to execute the autofocus_cycle() function, could I get suggestions on how to fix this too?

Thanks in advance