Arducam 64mp - How fast to take a single picture

Hello, how quickly can the 64mp Hawk-eye camera take a still. From the time the libcamera-still command is issued to the file being stored on the SD card ? Thanks.


I have a simple thought

Just like my screenshot, you can test a command to save the picture and a command to not save the picture.

The command to save the picture will turn the camera on twice and then start saving a frame again. You can subtract these two times and you will get a time from opening the camera, closing it and saving the picture.

This time is certainly not very accurate and there will be a slight error, but it certainly won’t matter unless the precision you need is ms.

Of course my example is the simplest and each resolution is different. You need to adjust it with the two parameters --width --height.

If you are very strict about the concept of time, you can contact [email protected]