Arducam 64mp change lens

Is it possible to get a different lens on the camera? Or use it with a telescope?

Something like this kit would great for the 64mp camera.

The FAQ said no on other lenses.

You can use it with a telescope if you do projection (ie, use an eyepiece in front of it as you would with a cell camera,

If you want prime focus (ie like a DSLR with a T-ring, and the telescope as sole lens), You can probably do it if you are willing to almost certainly wreck the autofocus, and possibly the whole lens assembly. (Which is a good part of the reason I got 2. To eventually do that with one of them.) Same as you would with the Raspberry Pi cameras, remove the lens assembly, and focus on the bare sensor. Though I’m not certain how the assembly is, with the official pi cameras it’s simply a screw in/out lens.

I have been doing a lot of testing and I really want to ditch that crappy lens. Has anyone done this yet?

I did destructively remove the lenses, and mounted on PiHQ mount (swapped out) to use with C-Mount. Pretty Easy mod but a bit destructive.

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@stefankante I did the same thing you did with my 64mp, but now I can’t seem to use it with libcamera.

ERROR V4L2 v4l2_videodevice.cpp:1852 /dev/video0[14:cap]: Failed to start streaming: Input/output error
ERROR: *** failed to start camera ***

Did you get anything like this? It’s the only camera connected to this Pi.

Hi Stefan,

Do you happen to have a 3d model for the C mount ?

I just downloaded one from Printables, it won’t fit the mounts. I will modify in the following days, but being lazy, I wanted to check out the existance of one of them.

Another question, are the distance to the sensor and tolerances very narrow, or I can get away with 1-2mm ?

Excuse me bro, where did you buy this adapter ring?

I also want to remove the lens of Arducam 64MP. Do you have a suggestion/method for that?
Also removing lens may affect AF, do I still able to capture image with removed lens using available drivers? I am planning to test something in sensor level, so I am not interested about lens and focusing.


Hi there. So we removed the original lens from 2 separate modules. 1 of them we broke druing removal. The second one worked well, untill it stopped working. We don’t know yet why it stopped working.

I don;t know why arducam won’t sell the camera without the autofocus lens… would be of great help.

If someone has good instructions to remove the integrated lens without breaking the camera, would be helfpul.



Sorry sir.
Perhaps you’re right.

But I am only a member of the technical department and have no right to interfere with this part of the business.

If you have any good ideas, you can contact [email protected]

We just want to install the c mount on the camera. I contacted sales and service for the matter. Had a negative response.

Do you mind reuploading?

I would be super interested in seeing how you did it but the link doesn’t work anymore