Arducam 64MP: Black image in 64 Megapixel mode

Hi all!
We recently purchased an Arducam 64MP Hawkeye module for one of our projects. In principle we got the camera up and running using libcamera on a Raspi4 8GB but we seem to have an issue with running it at full resolution. With 8000x6000 and lower everything works like a charm but for the full resolution of 9152x6944 we only receive black images. The issue occurs regardless of the color mode.

This happens with libcamera-still and also with our own python scripts. Please note that libcamera-still prints “Still capture image received” but the image is all black.
We do not get an out of memory error and free cma is at about 720 MB so we do not believe that memory is an issue here.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of behaviour?

Hope you can follow this thread to provide some information we need :smiling_face: