Arducam 1MP*2 Stereo Camera for Raspberry Pi Dual OV9281

Hello. I’m using Arducam 1MP*2 Stereo Camera for Raspberry Pi Dual OV9281 from uctronics

I’ve followed the steps mentioned in the quick start guide and got the cameras working with libcamera-hello and libcamerastill --list cameras

When I tried to do this v4l2-ctl --device /dev/video0 --list-formats-ext the output was different.

I want to use the camera with python and OpenCV so I was following this document OpenCV: Capture Frames from V4L2-Compliant Camera on Raspberry Pi (Python) - Arducam

Did anyone use Arducam 1MP*2 Stereo Camera for Raspberry Pi? If yes, are you able to read the stream using python/OpenCV libraries?

Thank you.

Please post your Pi’s config content here.

cat /boot/config.txt

Hello @Dion.
I recently started using the Stereo camera with the Jetson Nano and I am hoping to gather more information about the camera. Specifically, I am in search of the camera intrinsics for these cameras. While I have attempted to calibrate the cameras on my own, I have encountered different Fx and Fy values. Would it be possible for you to share any information or resources regarding the camera intrinsics for these cameras?

Contents of camera_params.txt file


Left and right image resolutions (480, 640), (480, 640)

Camera Matrix Left

[[ 457.89126587    0.          330.15019937]
 [   0.          547.35931396  224.28774596]
 [   0.            0.            1.        ]]

Camera Matrix Right

[[ 452.39724731    0.          308.13979644]
 [   0.          540.30474854  243.61786565]
 [   0.            0.            1.        ]]

Output of cv2.stereoCalibrate with cv2.CALIB_USE_INTRINSIC_GUESS

[[ 453.3113963     0.          333.24343816]
 [   0.          543.9532034   226.18159008]
 [   0.            0.            1.        ]]

 [[ 454.41436872    0.          311.79002161]
 [   0.          545.21297582  246.43618259]
 [   0.            0.            1.        ]]

Translation Vector

 [  0.08208197]
 [  0.98773945]]

Rotation Matrix

 [[  9.99831715e-01   3.23562426e-04   1.83422144e-02]
 [ -3.04563129e-04   9.99999414e-01  -1.03860751e-03]
 [ -1.83425397e-02   1.03284637e-03   9.99831228e-01]]

Everything looks good except for the focal lengths in the camera matrix. The fx and fy values are off by 90 pixels. What might be the reason for this?

@Dion @wong any update on this?

Hi CvEng,
This is really a strange phenomenon, and we don’t know what’s going on. We have had a lot of things going on recently, so we can’t discuss this issue with you in a short time.