AR1820HS on Jetpack 4.2.3

I have a Jetson Nano with Jetpack 4.2.3 L4T 32.2.1 already running with OpenCV4. Recently purchased an Arducam AR1820HS. Will the driver for L4T32.3.1 work with this build?

Hi @leamonrl ,

There are currently only deb installation packages for L4T32.3.1 and L4T32.4.2. Different versions of the system are not compatible. It is recommended that you install these two versions of the system.

OK, thanks. I now have the camera installed and working using LT32.4.2. Using the camera test code in python only returns an image in grayscale - no colour and is quite “grainy”. Any other sample code available for testing this camera module in python?

Hi @leamonrl ,

Are you using this script? Https://

Please try to change the resolution, there is a known issue with the resolution of 640x480 of AR1820HS.
python --width <integer> --height <integer>

Ok yes, am now using that script and testing. Working for me. Thanks. No luck running the camera in VLC though?

Hi @leamonrl ,

VLC does not support the 10-bit bayer format, so yes vlc cannot preview AR1820HS images.